Friday, 22 June 2012

"Bye school" by Angel Brr for class 6A.

Hi everibody!!!:)
This is my last post.Sorry this school is the best because the teachers are the best.
 My teachers are:Aurora(English), Carme(Tutor), Jose Antonio(PE), Rosa(Music) and anything else.
The best teachers are:Aurora, Laura, Jesús...
The best moments of my life were her because of my friends.The friends are the best because they are very good.My friends are Lucia,Alec ,David, Sheima... but in the past in year 4 of primary separeted in two defferent schools and we say to goodbye to :Hugo, Brais, Dani, Sheilla...
But this is primary but Secondary school is very different compared with primary.
 This is the last post of primary.
Till always, Primary Bloggers!!!:)

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