Monday, 11 June 2012

"Horses in my grandparents' house" By Lucía, class 6D

Hello everybody!!
These horses are new in my grandparents' house. Really, these horses are cared for my godfather. They are: Silver, Goliat and Pamela. This is their description:
1. Its name is Silver. It is the grey one (the second in the big picture). It's the oldest of the three. It likes running and  it's always nice in the photos ;)
2. Its name is Goliat. It is the third one in the big photo. It is grey too but its hair is different of Silver's hair. It is the most playful of the three. It likes running with Pamela and Goliat.It's always a competion for them.
3.Its name's Pamela. It's the brown one (the first in the big photo). It is the youngest of the three. She is always very happy. She likes sleeping all day and playing with Roque (a dog in my grandparents' house).
You can create the collage at PicMonkey.

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