Thursday, 21 June 2012

"I met a famous person, and you?" by Aida, class 6D

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Hi friends!
Now I will talk about who I met last day, because...
Last Sunday I met Adele.
We went to New York, we were in the most beautiful place there.
When I saw her, she was wearing a pink shirt, jeans, black cool boots and a blue jacket, and
I was wearing a green t-shirt, black trousers and white trainers.
After that we ate pasta in the most luxurious restaurant of New York.
Some people were buying a lot of things and some were looking and asking for autographs from Adele.
When people left her, that was our conversation, I said:
- Do you want to do anything?
+ Ouhh....yes! Let's sing! Ok, Aida? People want to listen to me sing in live...Please Aida!
- Ok, ok...but I don't sing very well, rather bad...
+ It does not matter, it is just for fun!
- Ok...
Finally we sang and people asked me for an autograph too!! Hahahaha
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If you want to see my dream click on the image.
Bye, readers, post a comment please! :)

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