Monday, 4 June 2012

"Last weekend..." by Aida, class 6D

Hi friends!
In this post I'm going to talk about what I did last weekend.
Last friday, it was my birthday.
Last Saturday morning, my mum and I prepared everything for my birthday.
At two o'clock, Nerea came to my house, we talked to our friends on the internet and we looked and criticized some photos.
Then we ate pasta and we taked photos to ourselves.
At five o'clock Uxia came home.
Then we went to the park.
It also was Cesar's birthday and we met our friends: Cesar, Victor, Sergio, Pablo, Xián and Alba.
But they left us because they were in the mall, Marineda City all the time.. What a bad thing!
Then Goretti went to the park, we played football and we taked photos again, fantastic photos.
Nerea had to go to her house because on Sunday she will go to a school trip and she will get up at seven o'clock a.m.
At ten o'clock we had dinner, pizza and hot dogs, Goretti was kidding all the time. Hahahaha
At eleven o'clock we saw a film, "Tres metros sobre el cielo"("Three metres over the sky").
Then we talked with Cesar on the Web Cam.
At one o'clock we taked more photos, and we slept at four o'clock.
On Sunday we woke up at nine o'clock.
We had breakfast and Goretti ate too much ColaCao. Disgusting!
After that, we dressed up, and we went to see the Arteixo's race.
On the way home, we played at Jannette's, it was very funny!
We ate and then we went to Monticaño.
At seven o'clock my birthday was over!
We had a lot of fun.

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