Saturday, 16 June 2012

"A long way to Ourense" by Cristina and Sonia, class 6D

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Hello everybody!!
In this year we went to all the provinces in Galicia with our parents and friends. 
But the trip to Ourense  was our favourite.
We went to the Roman thermals baths of Outariz. It's very fun!! 
The thermals baths were very hot. 
The first one had got 36 degrees, the second one had got 42 degrees and the last one had got 48 degrees. 
 In the bridge the people put padlock as a symbol of their love. 
We also went to see The Burgas. The Burgas had got 67 degrees. 
We loved this travel. 
Do you like the photos we took? 
Goodbye friends : D

If you want to know more information of the Roman thermals baths go to Outariz Thermals Baths. 

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