Saturday, 16 June 2012

"My art gallery" by Uxía Varela, class 6D

Hello friends!
They are my original drawings.
The first one is a multicolored Chinese dragon; and I have created the dragon at TES iboard - "Paint a Dragon".
The second one is my name in a graffiti. It's blue and green; and I have made the graffiti at The Graffiti Creator.
The third one is Marilyn Monrroe's face; the drawing has got many colours: blue, green, purple and pink. 
It's wonderful, and I have created the Marilyn Monrroe's face at Andy Warhols's Marilyn Prints .
The fourth one is a face, three faces, and I think it's an original drawing. I have created the face at  Mr Picasso's Head.
The fifth one is an abstract drawing with a lot of circles. I have created my abstract drawing at  Mutapic .      
I hope you like them!

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