Thursday, 14 June 2012

"My beautiful cats"by Sonia, class 6D


Hello friends!!
These are my cats.
The first one is Michi and the second one is Micky.
I will start talking about Michi.
Michi is a female.  
The body of Michi is white but its tail, its legs and its ears are grey.
Michi has got big ears.
But it isn't very hairy.
Its eyes are green and the pupil are very big.
Now, I'm going to talk about Micky.
Micky is a male.
Micky is brown but its tail, its ears and its legs are darker brown than the rest of its body.
Micky has got a lot of hair. 
I love Its eyes because they are very beautiful.
The two cats are very tame. 
I love my cats.
Do you like them?
Goodbye dudes!!

If you want to create a cat like this go to The Catoonizer or click on the images.

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