Monday, 18 June 2012

"My last weekend" by Diego class 6D

Hi visitors!
 Last weekend I did a lot of things.
On Saturday I got up at nine ó clock to play a match VS San Pedro. 
Then I went  home to have lunch. I ate chips and  meat.
 In the afternoon I went to the beach with my family and I saw my friend Julio from class 6C.
At eight o' clock I went  home and in evening  I ate a sandwich for dinner.

On Sunday I got up  at ten o' clock and I went to my granny's house.
In the moorning I played football with my sister.
Then I ate rice with chiken for lunch. 
After that, I went to my house and there I played computer games  and at home I studied for a  science test
     At half past nine I ate an apple for dinner and at ten o' clock I went to  bed.

And this is my last weekend, bye bye visitors!! 

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