Thursday, 2 December 2010

"Blake: a famous furry animal" by Paula

Hello Primary Bloggers,
This post is about the furry animal that I have created on: Art is a Gift.
His name is Blake and I want to  talk a little bit about it.
Blake is my pet, has got beautiful black and white eyes and black and white mouth, too, Blake hasn't got  a nose but the colour of her body is very beautiful because it has got  purple, orange and black flowers.  Blake loves  music and has got an orange and brown Spanish guitar. She loves food: she likes pizza, hot dogs, burgers....junk food !!!
Blake lives in my house but my parents do not know, then lives in my bedroom, under the bed.
I like living with Blake because it is very funny and tells me about her old family.
Well this is all about Blake. Do you know more ?? Yes, you can ask in a comment.
Until  another post dudes !!

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