Friday, 10 December 2010

"My clone" by Paula

Hello Primary Bloggers,
This post is about me, about my clone, rather. Created at: ArtisanCam Create Portraits, I have taken the idea of: Having Fun with English. Well, look the information about me or my clone:
Her name is Paula and she is 10 years old. Paula studies in Ponte Dos Brozos.
She lives in Arteixo, a village of Galicia, Spain. With her mother, her father and Marco, her brother.
Paula loves  horses and rides a horse in Casas Novas,  Paula also  likes playing basketball and plays in a club.
This is a little bit about Paula's life. And this is her description:
Paula has got fantastic, long, brown hair. She has got  black eyebrows, little black eyes, perfect medium nose and a very very beautiful black mouth, too. All black !!
Paula is wearing a modern, short, white T-shirt and a amazing, cool, red shirt.
Please visit Having Fun with English because there are lots of funny and easy activities and learn  English. Do you like my post and my clone ??
Post a comment with your opinion, please.
Goodbye clone's crazys.
 Until  another post.

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