Sunday, 23 January 2011

"Smoking is not cool, it's disgusting" by Paula

Hello anti smoking people!
I have created this post to speak about how bad smoking is for your health.
There are people that think smoking is cool.
Smoking is very very bad, it's an addiction, you start but you can not stop.
If you are a smoker, think, and stop smoking. It's the best you can do !!
About my anti smoking poster:
My anti smoking poster is inspired by "Zapatero" with his new law.
It has got lots of white words: cancer, quit, think:
Smoking causes lung cancer. Quit !! Think about it and react. No Smokers, no smokers, no smokers.
My poster has got lots of orange and white cigarettes and ash. It has got more stuff: a big, big hand, a grey bin and a blackskull and crossbones.
Well, I show typical phrases or slogans about this:
  • Smoking is not cool.
  • Smoking is not sexy.
  • You can start but you can't stop.
  • Every time you smoke, you kill yourself.
This post is finished but before finishing,  a piece of advice:
 Don't smoke anymore !!

* Link to create your own: We can Canvas.
* Link to find inspiration and information: Anti Smoking Sogans.
Goodbye, and remember, Don't smoke anymore !!


  1. Hello Paula!Your anty smokig is cool,fantastic, great very good!See you!

  2. Thanks Roi !!
    I think that smoking is very very bad and...
    See you !!