Monday, 24 January 2011

"An ugly woman and a nice man" by Paula

Hello readers and followers,
I have created this post to talk about these descriptions: an ugly woman and a pretty man.
Well, I am going to talk about the descriptions of these people:
Jake Watson:
The name of this pretty man is Jake.
Jake has got great, straigth, short, brown hair. He has got fair skin, fantastic, small, blue eyes, a perfect, medium nose and a beautiful mouth. He has got a small, brown, mustashe and billy-goat beard.
Jake need glasses, he has got fashion and cool, blue and grey glasses.
Jake is wearing an amazing, purple, black shirt with stripes and a good, grey, black jumper.
Alison Shipton:
The name of this ugly woman is Alison.
Alison has got horrible, long, wavy, fair hair. She has got brown, small eyes, too, an ugly, big nose, and a frightful, medium mouth. She has got a small, brown, mustashe and billy-goat beard, also.
Alison has got two earrings, is the only thing that I like of Alison.
She is wearing a grey, out of fashion, T-shirt.
It's time to say goodbye:
Goodbye !!
Oh, and post a comment about the post, it is very important.
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  1. Patricia form 4E29 March 2011 at 11:05

    hello Paula!.your post it´s so cute! and big.

  2. OK. Thanks very much Patricia.
    I think that is incredible that you and the rest of your classmates published all these special comments.
    Thanks very much.
    Oh, and by the way, a virtual kiss !! :-*)

  3. Adrian,Class 4E2 April 2011 at 10:54

    Hello Paula!
    My name is Adrian.
    In my opinion your man is very nice and your woman is very funny.
    See you!!! :)

  4. Rahela class 4E4 April 2011 at 18:03

    Hello Paula
    your work is very funny
    good job
    see you

  5. Thanks to Adrian and Rahela.
    Oh, and and my famous farewell:
    A virtual kiss :-*)

  6. Hello Paula my name is Ainoa.
    Your man is very cool and funny.
    See you!