Thursday, 17 February 2011

"The best custom bike in the world" by Paula

Hello motorcycles crazys,
You are a motorcycles  fan ?? Yes, then this is your post.
On this post, I'm going to talk about my new motorcycle created at the game: Pimp my Bike.
 I also created a collage in Picnik with three spectacular photos:
1.- The first image is about grey, black and white flats, located in  town. It also has got a blue special sky.
2.- The second photo has got grey, black and white flats too, and very very green grass. But has got other thing: an special motorcycle, here it is the description:
The seat is grey and white, has got an strange black disc, a cool black front bumper, a white and black back bumper, a great black and white tank, a grey silencer, a white box, a black alloy and a white engine.
All  motorcycle's things are black, white and grey, I know it.
3.-And in the third photo, a text: made by myself. (In Spanish: (hecho por Paula).
Well, It's time to say goodbye. I hope that you really  like my post.
See you !!


  1. Hello Paula.
    Your avatar is interesting.
    See You.

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  3. Thanks, do you like cars ??
    I don't like cars but...well, is interesting !!
    See you !!