Thursday, 17 February 2011

"My crazy funny face" by Alba B

Hello kids,
This is my crazy face.
He´s very funny and very ugly.
He Is a very very ugly man.
His name is John Smith Harrison .
He  lives in England,  in a village called Liverpool.
John´s got two cats and five dogs.
John is tall and fat.
His favourite food is pizza, burgers, hot dogs... I mean , Fast food.
He hates salad, fruit, vegetables...
His favourite hobbie is sleepping, watching  tv and playing  videogames.
 He hates running,  sports...
He´s got two earings because he is very modern.
He thinks that the world is rectangular because he is very silly.
He is 20 old.
And he´s for  four months in the bed.
He´s very, very, very,very loose.
See you in the next post.
 By the way, post a comment please :-).


  1. Hello Alba!
    Your post is very funny and cool.
    Very good!
    See you!

  2. Thank you Lara!
    I think too that is cool and funt :)