Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"A normal day in my life" by Paula

Hello kids !!
On this new post, I'm going to talk about my daily routines:
I get up at 8:30, later I get dressed in my bedroom with the clothes that I like best. 
I have a good and lovely breakfast: croissants and milk.
I go to the bathroom and here, I comb and I brush my teeth. Later, I prepare a snack for school and I have a rest, only when we have enough time, hee, hee !!
Then I go to school and in the school, my teacher Jesús explains the lessons: Maths, Spanish Language, Galician language...and the other teachers explains: gym, English, Religion, music...
After five long hours I go home and I have lunch, but Wednesdays I have lunch in the school.
Later having my lunch I go to my laptop and I do my homework, arggg !! :-( I don´t like it !!
Later I go to my extra activities, to the park or the library... 
I go home and I go, once again, to the laptop. I have tea in the kitchen and I go to the bathroom to have a shower. I have dinner and later I watch TV and I read.
And I go to bed at 10:30.
I hope that you like my daily routines.
Goodbye !!


  1. Patricia from class 4E9 April 2011 at 22:14

    Hello Paula! My name is Patricia.Your post is very difficult and cool.See You!