Monday, 21 November 2011

"Carlos and Miriam" by Paula from class 6A

Hi classmates !!
I really like creating avatars, it's very funny. Today I have created, on Picka Face, two new avatars. 
They are Miriam, the girl and Carlos, the boy.
They are my classmates in 6A. 
First of all, I'm going to speak about Carlos:
Carlos is a very good person and a very good mate but, sometimes is bad with me because he is the best friend of Alec. But he is kind, nice, funny.........and so on. In English, he helps me and I help him.
He has got short straigth beautiful black hair. 
He has got dark skin, very very dark skin.
He has got cool great small eyes, an average nose and pink lips. He has got very white teeth but a horrible smile.
He has got white sunglasses, white headphones, a white scarf and a black and white T-shirt. He has got very modern and fantastic clothes in the photo.
Secondly, I'm going to talk about Miriam:
She is my best friend, she is a very very good friend.
She's very very friendly and funny with me. She is my best friend because she is a very good person and and trust me: 
she speaks to me about her secrets and I talk to her on my secrets.
She's got short brown straigth supercool hair.
She's got brown beautiful eyes.
On the photo, she's got dark skin but in the real life she's got fair skin. She has also got a small funny nose, a big mouth with pink lips and white teeth.
She is wearing a brown jacket and a wonderful white T-shirt. She has got white headphones, too.
Well, I finish my post, I hope that you like it. But before I want to recommend you that page: Picka Face.
It's a very cool and funny activity, you can create your personal avatar and show a description in our blog.
You can also create a collage with two or more avatars in: Picnik.
By the way: visit this page: Web tools for kids.
Goodbye friends !!
PS: Write a comment in my post, please.


  1. Thanks !! I'm going to create more of this posts.

  2. you write a perfect post well done paula!!!!

  3. Thanks very much !!!!!!!!
    TKM, you are my best friend. Muac !!!