Monday, 21 November 2011

"Two people in my class" Sonia 6D

Hello, everybody!!
I'm going to talk about two people from my class.
The boy:
He is small, he has got dark skin, his hair is short and brown, he has got brown eyes and the nose, mouth, ears are small.
He is wearing a blue sweatshirt.
He likes playing football and he plays in the Arteixo Football Club. 
His favourite colour is blue, his favourite food is potato chips and meatballs, his favourite animal is dogs, his favourite football team is Barça and his favourite player is Messi.
His best friend is Alex R.  

The girl:
She is an average girl, she has got fair skin, her hair is long, dark brown and she has got bangs, has got brown eyes  the nose and ears are small and her mouth is big.
She's wearing a pink coat.
She likes playing hide and seek.
Her favourite colour is pink, her favourite food are pasta and her favourite animal is a dog.
Her best friends are Uxía, Aida and me.
See you later .

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