Friday, 25 November 2011

'' Description about myself'' By Carlos, class 6A

Hello visitors,
This is me.
I have average ears and nose too.
I have short and black hair
I have got dark skin.
I haven't got long hair , on the contrary, it's very short hair.
I have got black glasses.
I have got a very special T-shirt.
The background is bautifull.
My favourite food is pizza.
I live in Arteixo but I don't like it.
My favourite place is Barcelona and Asturias.
See you.


  1. Hello Carlos:
    I'm Rahela.
    Your Avatar is very cool I like.
    See you!

  2. Hi Carlos!
    In my opinion your post is very,very cool.
    I love your post!
    Very good!
    See you!