Friday, 25 November 2011

"My friends Pablo and Arantxa" by Joel, class 6D

Hi, friends and visitors.
These are my friends Pablo and Arantxa and this is their description.
He's got blue eyes and his eyebrows are the same colour as his hair, he's got a big nose, a big mouth and small ears. He's wearing a white t-shirt and a blue jacket.
Pablo is a good person but sometimes he gets angry and crazy and none can hold him.
He plays for the Arteixo Football Club B on the left side and  on the right one, sometimes plays like a  forward.
She's got a brown eyes,her eyebrows  are of similar colour as her hair, a small nose and normal ears, she's got glasses and earrings. She's wearing a white t-shirt and a blue jacket.
Arantxa is my cousin and I think it's a good person, but sometimes none can hold him.
She plays "brile" in the park with her friends.
                  See you, visitors. 

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