Friday, 25 November 2011

" I''ve got a brother! " by Alba B, class 6A

Hello Friends...
This is my new brother,
His name is Andrés.
He was born on Monday 21 of November.

This photo is in my bedroom.
He's cute...I know it.
He's got a very cool cot.
In the photo he is loking at me.
Andrés and me have got 2 twins cousins:
Elisa and Román.
They are only 10 months.
They live in the same building than me.
It's a familiar building.

And this is all for now...
By the way....Do you think that my brother and my cousins are cute?
I think they are.
See you friends!


  1. Congratulations, Alba!
    Your brother and your twin sisters are very cute!

  2. Thanks Aurora, I think the same.......=)