Monday, 14 November 2011

"My first avatar" by Andrea, class 6D

I'm Andrea and I study at Ponte dos Brozos Primary School in Arteixo.  This is my first post in blogger and I hope you like my   avatar.
I've got long, straight and brown hair, green and big eyes, a little mouth.
I'm wearing a puple t-shirt and a violet scarff.
I'm very happy. 
I love shopping with my mum or my friends and I  like  going to the cinema. 
That's all. 
I have made my avatar at PickaFace.


  1. Hello,Andrea!!
    Your post is fantastic.
    Good job!!

  2. Hi Andrea!
    In my opinion your post is very nice and cool.
    Very good!
    See you!

  3. Thanks friends but my post is very normal.
    Se you!