Saturday, 12 November 2011

''My new avatar in this school year'' By Ainhoa, 6D.

Hi, visitors!!
My name is Ainhoa.
This is me in the picture.
I've got fair skin, short and straight hair,
beautiful and brown eyes,
 light brown eyebrows,red lips.
I have a red shirt, my earrings are long and pink.
I live in Arteixo.
I'm 12 years old.
My favourite food is pizza.
I love playing volleyball.
My favourite singer is Shakira.
My favourite song of Shakira is Rabiosa.
I've got two dogs.Their names are: Chenoa and Lua.
My school is ''Ponte dos Brozos''
My teacher of english is Aurora.
My favourite friends are Sheima,Jannette and Aida.
See you on the next post!

If you make an avatar like mine see PickaFace.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Ahinoa for tell that I'm one of your best friends. Good job!