Wednesday, 9 November 2011

"My new avatar for this season" By Alba B, class 6A

Hello visitors.....
I missed you.
This is my new avatar for this school year (2011-2012)
I'm back to this blog  again.
I've got  medium, brown, straight and beautiful hair.
My eyes are brown and small.
I've got a small and funny nose.
I'm wearing an orange and beautiful shirt.
My scarf is short and orange.
My earings are orange too........Orange Power!
I like "The Beatles" Oh yes!
I like all the subjets except maths.
Anyway, I think that I'm a good student.
My favourite sports are basketball, dodgeball and swimming.
Do you like my avatar? You  can create one on:
Picka Face
Bye Bye friends.............By the way, more avatars in:
Web tools 4 Kids  and here my favourite avatar is:
This is my glumper avatar:

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