Friday, 25 November 2011

"My super avatar"by Judith 6A

Hello visitors!
This is me, my name is Judith.
I haven't got a sister or a brother but I would like.
I have got lots of friends.
My hair is brown, short and straight.
My eyes are brown and little and my nose is little too.
My mouth is little but I like it .
I have got glasses. And I'm wearing a purple T-shirt and a white scarf.
I study in C.E.I.P Ponte dos Brozos.
My school is very big and is beautiful.
My favourite subject is Art because I like painting.
I think school is boring. Do you like school?
I like pasta and pizza but I hate bananas I´m not a monkey, hee hee.
Do you like my description?
Write a comment please.
Bye bye friends!

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