Wednesday, 23 November 2011

"My two friends: Diego and Aida" by Alex Ram

Hello,all my friends!!
These are my two friends,Diego and Aida.
Diego is a boy,he's a little boy,his hair is short and brown,his face
is round and small and his eyes are small and brown.
He's wearing a white shirt with grey stripes and a black scarf.
It is one of my besr friends but sometimes we get angry and argue but stopped.
I think his favourite colour is red,his favourite food is eggs and his favourite
subjects of school are P.E and English.
His favourite animal is the dog,his favourite football team is Barça and his
favourite player is Messi.
He likes playing football and he plays in the Arteixo Football Club.
I think he is funny!!
And his best friend is Joel Junior.
And this is Diego.

Aida is a girl,she's a little girl,her hair is lond and brown,her face is smooth
and round,her eyes are brown, has a small nose and a big mouth and very white teeth.
She has an earring in each ear and they are are small and round.
She's wearing a white jacket and a blue scarf.
She Is my friend but argue a lot.
I think her favourite subjects are P.E, English and Maths.
I think her favourite football team is Barça and her favourite player
is Sergio Ramos.
She likes tennis,swimming,playing the piano and playing football and
she plays in the Orilla Mar Football Club.
And her best friend is Sonia.
And this is Aida.

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