Monday, 5 December 2011

"My avatar for this School year"by Leandro, class 6D

Hi, everybody!
My name is Leandro and this is my first post about myself. 
I've got long hair, small ears, and a little mouth. 
I'm wearing an orange sweatshirt. 
My favourites food is chips and pasta, my favourites sports are swiming and cycling.
At  school, my favourites subjects are maths and English. I don't like Galician and music, because it's a little bit boring. At school, there are lots of teachers. For example: my tutor Sabino, Rosa the teacher of music, Aurora the teacher of English and lots of others. 
My favourite band is "The black eyed peas" and my favourite song is "The time".
My best friends are Marcos, Santy, Alex V. and Miguel.
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