Monday, 5 December 2011

"My favourite football teams" by Joel, class 6D

Hi friends and visitors.
These are my favourite teams and my two favourite players play for these teams.
I am a Real Madrid fan from birth because most of my family is crazy about Real Madrid and my dream is to play for Madrid or for Deportivo.
I see the matches every week and I think it plays great because Xabi Alonso gives passes that win matches and championships.
Now, I like Deportivo because my aunt and my teacher "Aurora" urged me.
Valerón plays for Deportivo and is the only one who feels the colours.
The president of the Real Madrid is Florentino Pérez and the president of the Deportivo is Lendoiro.
The coach of the Madrid  is José Mourinho and the coach of the Deportivo is José Luis Oltra and their staffs are these:
Here are my favourite players in bold.

Real Madrid:

Goalkeeper: Casillas.
Defender: Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Arbeloa, Marcelo.
Midfielder: Xabi Alonso, Sahin, Kaká, Ronaldo, Özil.
Forward: Benzema or Higuaín.


Goalkeeper: Aranzubia.
Defender: Ayoza, Colotto, Laure, Aythami.
Midfielder: Valerón, Bruno Gama, Alex Bergantiños, Guardado, Salomao.
Forward: Lassad or Riki.


  1. It's a veru good clubs but the Barcelona it's better