Saturday, 28 January 2012

"Frida's fashion" by Sonia, class 6D

(Click on the image to create a Frida's portrait)

Hello everyone!!!
This person is Frida Kahlo.  
She has got three pets.
The first one is a bird, it's head is green, it's tail is blue and it's belly is orange.
The second one is a monkey, it's brown and it has got a ponytail.
The third one is a cat, it's black with a green eyes.
Frida's wearing a blue headband with a purple sea shell. 
She has got two necklaces and earrings. 
She is wearing a white shirt with five flowers, blue shoes, a grey and red T-Shirt and a black shawl.  
She has got dark skin.
See you on the next post. 

 If you want to create another portrait inspired by Fida Kahlo, visit San Francisco MOMA. 

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