Sunday, 5 February 2012

"My own monster, Pitula" by Aida, class 6D

Hi friends!
This is my own monster, now I want to talk about her characteristics:
-Her name is Pitula.
-She is 1.532 years old.
-She is from Tromantion, a city full of Vampires.
-She is a Vampire.
-She loves undercooked bloody steaks, but she prefers just blood.
-Her favourite color is red, her favourite food, blood, her favourite school subject is Biology, and her favourite activity is swimming, because in the water, sometimes she bites who is in there.
-She is Fashionable.
-Her friends are Mery, Colusio and of course Darian.
-She hasn't got a pet, but she wants to have a dog.
-She can turn a normal person into a vampire, only biting, she also has got the power of moving things with her mind.
If you want to create your own monster visit Monster High.
Bye, see you on the next post!

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