Monday, 6 February 2012

"Scaly, my Monster High" by Sonia Sánchez, class 6D

(Click on the image to create a Monster High like this) 

Hello mates!!!
This avatar is a monster. 
It's an acuatic monster. 
Her name is "Scaly".
She is15 years old. 
She lived in the city but now lives in a river next to the cementery.
She eats fish and her favourite food is a sardine.  
Her favourite colour is red because she likes drinking blood.
In the afternoon swimming and she is the number one at her school.
And on Tuesday and Thursday is goes to music lesson. 
Her favourite subjects are music and English.
She hates art.  
Her friends are: Lazy, Danger, Leon, Greedy.
She likes a boy but it's secret. 
 She has got three pets.
The first one is a squid, the second one is an octopus and the third one is a crab.
Scaly has got some powers: the first is fly and the second is her incredible strength.
She is wearing a blue tank top, a grey and black skirt, blue long socks and grey shoes.
She is wearing a red jacket and a lot of bracelets.  
She always wears a dress but today it's a special day because it's the day of the yearbook photo.
She has got pink and long hair, big, green and blue eyes, a mouth with vampire fangs, beautifull and green eyes and pink brows.
Her skin is green and scaly.  
She is hungry.
See you on the next post!! ;-))

Click on the image to create this avatar or click in this link, Monster High dolls. 

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