Monday, 21 May 2012

"The day I met Will Smith" by Uxía Varela, class 6D

Hello friends!
In this post I want to talk about my day with Will Smith.
Last saturday I went to New York, and I met Will Smith.
 Will wore a green T-shirt, jeans and sneakers; I wore a pink T-shirt, jeans and brown sandals.
We ate an ice-cream near the Statue of Liberty; both thought it was very beautiful.
He said we could go to Central Park; and I said ok, go!
We sat on a bench and had some sweets.
In the end, we went to the Empire State Building and we saw Lady Gaga.

Oh!, I forgot it!
I found the photo at Posh24.
And I made the collage at Paint.
Goodbye friends! :)

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