Monday, 21 May 2012

"Last weekend I met George Clooney and Jessica Alba" by Sonia, class 6D

Hello everybody!!
In this post I want to talk about what I did last weekend.
I think last weekend was very important for me because I met George Clooney and Jessica Alba.
It was also very important because I was part of the cast crew on a film with them.
The movie was about a mum and her son,  moving to a new house.
They didn't know  the spirit of Jacob, the son of the previous family that died drowned, lived in that house.
George Clooney, played the role of Jacob.
Jessica Alba, played the role of the mum.
And I played the role of the daughter.
The title was: Prince of the fog. 
It was a  horror film and it was my first film.
I loved this movie and I enjoyed last weekend.
Who doesn't like to create a movie with George Clooney and Jessica Alba?
See you readers!!

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